Apostle Nwanza with the Akowonjo's choir after the divine service
31 December 2021

The congregations of Akowonjo in Lagos West (West Nigeria), Ibesikpo Ikot Udoibia (South West) and Agbor in Abudu (South) districts were visited by their area apostles on Christmas day.

Reading from Galatians 4:6 “And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying out, “Abba, Father!”

Apostle Nwanza who served in Akowonjo congregation said: We have been granted peace through the incarnation of God. Jesus is the prince of peace, through His Sacrifice He reconciled us with God and opened up access to eternal peace for us.  And now, through His merit we can receive forgiveness for our since and enjoy the peace of the Risen One.

While connecting the message of the Christmas divine service with the present situation in the country, the apostle asked all the brethren to look unto the motto of the year “Christ, our future” He said: as children of God we should be able to know that our peace is determined by the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in our hearts and souls rather than the absence of violence and insecurity, poverty, unemployment, deprivation…

He said our lord Jesus Christ went through a lot of difficulties in His time but as the prince of peace He was able to set an example on how we can live our lives when confronted with such situations.  Jesus brought a solution on how to live peacefully and become peacemaker.

Apostle Usoro served together with his whole family at lbesikpo Ikot Udoibia congregation in Nung Ukim District.

In his message the Apostle told the brethren that, we have been granted peace through the incarnation of God. Jesus had the certainty of his father’s love, and thus trusted in him in fully.  The Holy Spirit calls upon us to follow his Example.
Faith in the love of God, gives us certainty and bring us Peace.

It was joy when Apostle Odili arrived Agbor Congregation in Abudu District for 2021 Christmas Service. He was accompanied by District Rector and District Rector Delegate of the District Abudu.  After the Divine Service at Agbor, he joined Benin North District 2021 Nine Lessons and Carols at GRA Congregation.

In his message the said: Following Jesus Christ example makes it possible for us to experience the peace Christ had during His time on earth. Jesus Christ had unreserved trust in His Father and sought constant fellowship with Him.  He went on to explain about Jesus’ connection to His Father and his riches in love.  He asked all the brethren to respond to God’s love, kindness, mercy, peace and joy by following Jesus Christ and proclaiming His Great deed in both words and actions…