Apostle and sister Oscar Kabanga Nwanza wishing you all a happy Christmas from Lagos
24 December 2021

Christmas has to be one of the best times of the year! Whether you’re new to the city or you’ve been here for years, there are new things going on all over to celebrate Christmas in Lagos each year.

When the temperature starts to go down and the streets get covered in harmattan dust, Lagos becomes a fairytale city with its twinkling lights, big trees and holiday decorations. It's time for Christmas! Shopping, going to beach, Christmas markets, parties, festive food and drink - there are so many magical things to do in Lagos during this time.

For New Apostolic Church brethren in Lagos, apart from all these fun filled events, they enjoy the advent divine services and look forward to the Christmas carols and Christmas concerts.  

When asked about his impression on Christmas, a priest said: The messages in the advent divine services has made him sober.  He said he had no other impressions than to look unto the return of Christ.

Our brother Godwin is eight years old while his brother Ange is 17, they live in the heart of the Balogun Market which is located in Lagos Island.  The market is the busiest market in West Africa with about 4 million visitors daily.

When asked about their impressions on Christmas activities, Godwin was so excited to talk about how so many places have been beautified in the Island and how he is preparing himself to visit as many event places as possible.  Ange on the other hand, said” he is so touched with the messages in advent divine services which brought so much knowledge about the birth of Christ.  He said “he is very grateful to God to have such knowledge and he feels not influenced by the happening around him but he is sober and need to be conscious of everything he’s going to do during this period and after.

Paul and Patricia 10 and 7 are the children of the deputy district rector of Lagos East.  While asking them about their experiences concerning the period, Patricia seemed to expect so much on what she will wear, the special foods and the picnics to the many beaches and parks in Lagos but Paul is more looking at Christmas divine service in his grandpa congregation where he is programmed to play the piano during the service.  He said “my mind is in the Christmas divine service where I will play” may be after the service, I may like to join my family and celebrate the day in a park and trips to many places of interest in Lagos.

.  May the promise of Jesus’s return continue to be the source of our joy and comfort in the new period of time.