The Lead Apostle (middle) with the retired Priest and Deacon after the retirement
25 February 2022

It was a great joy in South Apostle Area as Ministers, Brothers and Sisters welcomed the Lead Apostle from Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th February, 2022 for the first time in 2022. 

On Friday 18 February, 2022 the missionary visit began with a meeting with South Area District Rectors and District Rector Delegates at Ogiemwenken Congregation, Benin South District. After the meeting there was a concert where the choristers and Youth demonstrated the gifts and talents given to them by God to the admiration of the Lead Apostle and all present.

On Saturday 19 February, 2022, the lead apostle conducted a divine service for Ministers, Wives and Youth in the same venue. In this divine service a Priest and a Deacon were placed into retirement and a Congregational Rector was appointed for Egba Congregation in Benin South District.

A text word from 2 Timothy 2:2.” And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also”, was used by the lead apostle to edify the brethren.  In his message, he said: The salvation work of God being handled by us is pure and undiluted.  Let us teach and preach the same in accordance with Christ.

To be able to do this rightly, we must embrace and make good use of the grace of God given to us by Jesus Christ. We must hold on to the grace of God because it strengthens us. 

To be able also to do this, let us not look and be consumed by the imperfections of ministers. These ministers are humans like us, thus we must pray also for them. 

Let's therefore follow loyally, sincerely, honestly, faithfully, and joyfully the will and word of God which these ministers revealed to us in every divine service. 

We are to do the ministry work as a soldiers, farmers and athletes.

As soldiers, let us not entangle ourselves with the mundane things (worldly affairs) of the world. Let's be wholly be concerned with heavenly race before us.

As athletes, we must run the race according to the rules and regulations given to us. As the ministers of the gospel, we must follow the laid down rules and regulations given to us by the church. We must be humble, loving, faithful, sincere, honest, and prayerful!  

As farmers, we must be patient…  He concluded

Apostle Odili contributed to the divine service which was attended by 200.