A very beautiful picture after the divine service (left to right, Retired Apostle Rotimi, Lead Apostle Nwogu, Apostle Jediel, District Rector Umoh and Retired District Elder Ambrose Usuanlele.  Behind them from left to right (Deacon Nwogu, Priest Omeh and Priest Nosa  Usuanlele)
12 April 2022

Members of the Abuja central church in the Northern Apostle Area were filled with great joy and anticipation when they received the news that the Lead Apostle would be visiting them on Palm Sunday.

The Bible text used for this special divine service was taken from John 12: 23 “But Jesus answered them, saying: The hour has come that the Son of Man should be glorified.” This divine service was also an opportunity for the newly ordained Apostle G Jediel to be introduced to his area.  Apostle Jediel and the Abuja District Rector (Priest Umoh) were called to serve

The members’ gratitude was shown in their preparations for the divine service. The blessings received will have a great impact on the future of the area.