Apostle Goddey Odili (center) with the confirmands at Ekpan congregation in Warri district, South Nigeria
5 May 2022

Sunday 24th of April and Sunday 1st of May were so special for the confirmands in Ekpan congregation (Warri District, South Nigeria), (GRA congregation in Benin North District, South Nigeria) and (Sango Ota congregation in Ota district, West Nigeria).

In the divine service at Ekpan congregation on Sunday 24th of April 2022 and in GRA congregation on Sunday 1st of May 2022, Apostle Odili admonished confirmands together with all present from the book of Psalm 60:12 "Through God we will do valiantly, for it is He who shall tread down our enemies."

The Apostle admonished them on the importance of unity in Christ. He made them to know that it's only our unity in Christ that makes us strong! 

He made the Confirmands to understand that they are pledging to follow Christ and fight against evil. It's only this decision that will give them access to divine blessing and bring joy to the congregation. He assured them that the Chief Apostle, District Apostle, Apostle, All Ministers, Brothers and Sisters, Members, and their parents and guidance are interceding and supporting them.  Sixteen confirmands were confirmed in each of the divine service he conducted.

Using the same text word in Sango Ota congregation on Sunday 1st of May, Apostle Nwanza Oscar Kabanga centered his message on: “Christ grants victory to those who fight against evil.”

In his admonition the Apostle said: Dear confirmands and all present, I wish that we could understand above all this excerpt from today's passage: it will crush our enemies. “As true Christians, we will never pray to God to punish, harm and destroy those who harm us. This is contrary to the teaching of Jesus who asks us instead to love our enemies (Matt 5:44).

From now on, you will practice reading the Old Testament in the light of the New Testament. The enemy is one and is called the devil, but his works and manifestations are numerous, as you will soon say in your confirmation vow.

“It is indeed these devilish works and manifestations that God will crush and that we are called to crush as well. Knowing how to recognize diabolical works and manifestations will be part of our Christian life as major believers within the Church because the devil is a specialist in camouflage from which we would have to be too careful not to choose the wrong targets at the risk of inadvertently prey on the innocent.

For the confirmands, following Christ is everyone's choice and fighting evil is everyone's duty. “This good choice that you decide to make will give you access to divine blessing. We rejoice in the community and promise you our accompaniment, our intercessions and our support.

Now we should resist the evil one: only fidelity to Christ guarantees us the blessing and allows us to resist the offers of the adversary. The latter wants to convince us that sin allows us to quickly and easily gain what we need and desire. Well by doing good, success will not always be immediate, but God gives us the necessary advice and strength during divine services to benefit from all the benefits of Christ.

Christ unity makes it possible to rejoice when others complain. So he is always by our side: Jesus Christ always keeps his promises. He is coming back soon and will crush Satan under your feet, that is to say, take away his possibilities of action (Romans 16:20). For our part, let us remain faithful to Jesus Christ in faith and obedience he concluded.  In this divine service, he confirmed nine persons and welcomed them into the youth circle of the church.