The Sunday school children receiving the Lead Apostle
8 June 2022

On Sunday 5th of June, 2022, the feast of the birth of the Church of Christ (Pentecost), Lead Apostle Geoffrey Nwogu, together with all Apostles and Bishops from Nigeria gathered at the Central Church Ikeja, Lagos for a festive Pentecost divine service. 

The children of God celebrated the feast with so much joy.

Already on Saturday 4th of June, the Lagos choir comprising of the mixed choir and the children choir staged the Pentecost concert and appreciation evening for the retired Apostles Rotimi from the North and Ekpenyong from South Central Nigeria. Apostle Rotimi retired has a very close relation to the work of God in the West, it is here that he has spent most of his time…

After reading the Bible text from 1 Corinthians 3:16: “Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?”

The Lead Apostle unveiled the message of the day:

We build God’s temple together.
The Lead Apostle admonished over 400 brothers and sisters to know that,

  • The Church is the temple of the New Covenant

Here the Lead apostle told the brethren that we all who believe in God are stones that God fits into His building.  We need to come before Him and Thank Him, to call Him for help, to implore for His forgiveness as well as to bring our offerings…

  • Jesus Christ is present there through the Holy Spirit.

The Lead Apostle said: By establishing His church on earth, Jesus Christ erected a spiritual temple. He is constantly present there through the His Spirit.  We have been given the grace to be part of this temple.  The Holy spirit gives us the opportunity to meet Christ in divine services…

  • We testify to the presence of Christ in His Church

The Lead Apostle explained that, like in the temple in Jerusalem, the church of Christ is a sign intended to show human beings that God is present in their midst. He went on to say that our mission is to proclaim to all people that everyone, without exception, can find forgiveness, love, and salvation in Christ.

  • We contribute to the edification of the Church and long for eternal fellowship with Christ.

The Lead Apostle concluded by telling all present that, the church as we see it today is still under constructions, human imperfections Are still quite evident.  He said: let us not take offence, after all, the church will only be revealed in its ultimate perfection in the new creation.  But we do not have to wait that long, it is our goal to become part of the bride of Christ, that part of the church which the Lord will take with Him when He returns.  Then He will make us a pillar in His temple, to remain there forever…