An outing to the site of the National Youth convention in Ikot Ekpene
8 September 2022

In order to bring musical contribution to all our congregations in Nigeria, the music department, for which Apostle Oscar Kabanga Nwanza is in charge, organized from August 1 to September 1, 2022 a music camp of 24 and 58 musical instrumentalists respectively in Lagos for 18 days and Owerri and Uyo for 13 days. A total of 82 instrumentalists and more than 800 choristers were able to take part in this program supported by the JW Foundation.

The purpose of the music camp has always been to communicate the vision and mission of the music department and the goals to be achieved to make Nigeria a great musical nation.

This gathering is also an opportunity for the national coordinator of the choir to announce the establishment of a development program for choir directors from all over the country, which will consist of a series of training in music.

Besides this planning for the development of music, the Apostle sensitized the participants for their involvement in the preparations for the national youth convention in Ikot Ekpene scheduled for December 2022.