Apostle Nwanza with the Bethesda home for the blind children after the divine service
28 February 2023

It's almost four years that they were brought to our church. 

At my arrival to the Ikeja congregation for the District Apostle's transmission service on Sunday the 26th of February 2023, I saw a mini bus parked in the church compound and it was that of the ‘Bethesda Home for the Blinds’. Immediately I recalled that it's almost four years since they last visited us.  A question came into my mind, " this isn't the perfect moment”. Why? Firstly, we are having a transmission service.  These people are blinds, how will they really feel about the divine service. Also, I was worried about any possibilities of trouble in transmission, as the technical situations can sometimes go wrong.  But thanks be to God, the Lord God Almighty, the transmission service was the most perfect for them.
Though they couldn’t see anything, their listening ability was top notch.

They were so moved by the musical renditions of the choir, the orchestra and the congregation.
The message of the divine service was as though it was only meant for them.

While explaining the choir hymn “Sweet home of peace, oh Bethany”.
The District Apostle said:
Christ went to Bethany at some point, when there was a need-The passing away of Lazarus. This was a terrible situation for the sisters.

This also applies to us today in our congregations and districts, when we come together. We have different situations of life. Some are very thankful to God for His goodness, some also have needs and sorrows.

The Lord wants to come into our hearts. We recognize our God through Christ.God became Man in His Son Jesus Christ and He was close to us while on earth. Christ is a true God and a true human, so in our situations, he understands everyone. He knows our need.

The Lord is very close to us. Whatever the situation of our lives may be,
How strong or weak our faith may be at the moment, even with differences.

The Lord wants to come into our hearts even when our faith is wavering due to

circumstances of life. He wants to strengthen us.

For me, this message was for them… they chose the perfect moment to come in.