The choir during the concert
6 May 2023

For the brethren in Ibadan District, West Nigeria, they could attest that, God’s time is the best.
Not being able to go to Ibadan on the 18th of February 2023 due to the cash crunch in the country, the Lead Apostle finally was able to make the visit on Saturday 22nd of April 2023.  The visit of the Lead Apostle coincided with a public holiday from Friday 21st to Monday 24th of April 2023.  All the brethren were so relaxed on this visit as no one could think about seeking permission of any kind to attend the fully loudened weekend program.

Children, youths, women, men and ministers were all present to take part in the concert and attend the festive divine service to be conducted by the Lead Apostle Nwogu.

For the Lead Apostle and entourage, their way to Ibadan from Lagos was very smooth.  A journey that used to take several hours due to heavy traffic, because of the holiday, it took just an hour.

On arrival, the Lead apostle had a meeting with all the West Apostle Area district ministers and after the meeting, he took part at the concert organized by the Ibadan choir. 

On Sunday, the 23rd of April 2023, the Lead Apostle was welcomed by the children at Odo-Ona congregation, the District Rectors and their delegates.
The festive divine service which he officiated started at 10am with a text word taken from Matthew 28: 18 - "And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, all authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth."

In his message, the Lead Apostle said: In the gospels, Jesus called Himself the Son of man. This expression emphasized His humanity.  He was a true man. But it also referred to His godly nature and mission. For the Jews, the Son of man was a Saviour sent by God with all authority.  Jesus wanted the Jews to understand that He was this Saviour, to whom God had given all authority:

  • Over creation — He walked on water, commanded the elements, healed the sick and raised the dead; · Over humankind and spirits — He passed through the crowd that wanted to kill Him in Nazareth and cast out the spirits;
  • To proclaim God’s will in a true way
  • To forgive sins;
  • To fulfill God’s will and grant humankind eternal life

He went on to summarize that, Jesus Christ’s resurrection proves that He is the Saviour sent by God. He has all authority over creation, humankind and spirits. His teaching is the truth. He gives us perfect grace and will to fulfill His work. We trust Him.
Apostle Oscar Nwanza was called to assist as well as District Elder Arogbehin Sola.

During the divine service, a long serving District Evangelist Olanrewaju Lawrence was placed into retirement.