Apostles and Bishops after the live transmission Pentecost service in Lagos
3 June 2023

As planned, the first Conference of Apostles and Bishops in 2023 took place from Friday June 26 to Sunday June 28, 2023

During this visit, the Apostles and Bishops held a conference, attended a concert to celebrate Pentecost and also all together attended the live streaming service led by the Chief Apostle in Cape Town, South Africa.

Led by Lead Apostle Nwogu, the conference of Apostles and Bishops was primarily based on soul care and matters arising from the various areas of work of the Apostles.

On the agenda, the report of the national youth convention, the national welfare council and the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the New Apostolic Church in Nigeria were discussed.

On Saturday May 27, the Apostles and Bishops were able to attend the Pentecost concert organized by the youths in the central church Ikeja, in Lagos.

Being a children’s day, many children numbering 158 were also present to celebrate their day through songs, drama, poetry recitals, Bible quizzes, etc.

The Apostles' and Bishops' Conference ended after the Pentecost live transmission divine service conducted by the Chief Apostle in Cape Town, South Africa.

After the service, the Apostles and Bishops had a tour guide at the Nike Art Gallery in Lagos, arranged by a District Evangelist.