A Sunday child conducting the Sunday school choir at Uratta congregation
8 June 2023

From Thursday, June 1 to Friday, June 2, 2023, the Lead Apostle was able to conduct a meeting and three divine services.

On Thursday, 1st June, *He conducted meeting with the Apostle, District Rectors and their Deputies.

After the meeting, he conducted an evening service at Central Church Owerri.  Using Romans 8:16 as a bible text for the service, the Lead Apostle emphasized the importance of believers abiding fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

69 members including our retired Apostle Kenneth Ibekwe attended the service.

On Friday, 2nd June, the Lead Apostle started with a Morning Divine Service at Okpala in Amala District. He used a text word from Deuteronomy 28:2, here, he encouraged the members by saying that, obeying timely admonition of the Holy Spirit, godly guidance of church leadership and remaining in fellowship will eventually lead to eternal fellowship with Christ.

He further pointed out that eternal fellowship with Christ is blessing that surpasses increase in material possessions which the people of the old covenant judged as evidence of God's blessing.

He went on to say that, the goodness of God's creation belongs to everyone while the promise to eternal fellowship with God belongs only to those who obey the Holy Spirit and follow Jesus Christ to the end.

The service culminated in the ordination of a priest for one of the congregations in the District.

In the afternoon of June 2nd, the Lead Apostle later conducted a service at Uratta congregation in Enugu District. He based his sermon on Hebrew 4:14: "Seeing then that we have a great high priest, that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our profession."

He started the sermon by emphasizing that every congregation and every member should experience a spiritual transformation and growth overtime. He linked his message to the text by calling on all believers to take the advantage of the fact that Jesus Christ, our High Priest is preparing a place for His own in The High Heaven and testify of Him to the world. We not only testify of Christ by word of mouth but also by our deeds. It is our conducts indeed, that bear strong evidence of our fellowship with Christ, just like the early Christians in Corinth. The service was well attended with over 200 members.