Duru Avenue, in Owode Elede community
18 November 2023

Lagos State government has urged communities on the fringe of the Ogun River to relocate immediately, warning that there could be heavy flooding following heavy rainfall and the opening of the Oyan dam by the Ogun-Osun River Basin Authority. In a statement signed by the Commissioner, Environment and Water Resources, they listed the areas likely to be affected to include Alagbole, Meiran, Maidan, Kara, Isheri-Olowora, Agiliti, Owode-Onirin, Owode-Elede, Agboyi I, Agboyi II, Ajegunle, Itowolo, Majidun, Ibeshe, Baiyeku, Maidan, Lekki-Ajah and the Lagos Lagoon boundaries.  It was said that following the incidence of flooding already being experienced in the neighbourhood of Ajegunle, Kara, the flooding was likely to become worse.

The government said an alert issued by the Ogun Osun River Basin Authority on the operation of Oyan Dam had advised all residents of the Ogun River bank to relocate immediately.

The alert showed rainfall and average water released monthly for years 2021, 2022 and 2023 till mid-October, warning of possible inundation by flooding which was already happening.

they, said comparatively with year 2021, total rainfall was 969mm while for 2022, it was 1,140mm, saying when compared with the first 10 months of this year, rainfall amounted to 1,410.1mm which was a significant rise.

In addition, for the amount of water spilled by the River Basin Authority for the whole of 2021, it amounted to 1,140mcm, while for 2022, the amount of water spilled was slightly higher at 1,475.6mcm while for the 10 months of this year, a very significant 2,274 has been released with 532.2mcm and 348.7mcm released in September and October respectfully.

According to the statistical table released by the River Basin Authority, the amount of rainfall recorded from January to October 2023 (1,410.0mm) indicated that most of the rainfall in the area had fallen.

Likewise, the volume of water released from January to October 15, 2023, was more than the average synthesised Annual Flow volume of 1770Mcm against a Gross Storage of 27+90Mcm.

He stated that the utmost concern of the state government was safety of lives and properties of residents, which he said explained the urgent call for relocation by those affected, adding that safety of lives and properties was paramount.

They added that the alert became necessary because there was much water to be expected in October 2023, in addition to the heavy downpours usually associated with the months of September and December every year along Ogun River Basin and other related predictions and warning from Nigeria Metrological Services (NIMET), Nigeria Hydrological Services (NIHSA), National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)and other related Agencies. 

The New Apostolic Church members in these communities were not spared in this situation.

On Monday October 30, 2023, Apostle Nwanza accompanied by Priest Joli Benny Success of the Ikeja central church paid a commiserating visit to the members of the Owode Elede Community in Agboyi Ketu, Lagos. Here, he interacted with about 102 families.

The Apostle after reading a text word from the divine service guide of Wednesday 25th of October, 2023 Luke 13:12-13 But when Jesus saw her, He called her to Him and said to her, "Woman, you are loosed from your infirmity. And He laid His hands on her, and immediately she was made straight, and glorified God.”

In his message to the 102 women and men who represented their families the apostle said: We need to help those in need without delay.

He went on to say that, Jesus turned to a person on the fringes of society, someone who would usually have gone unnoticed.

Jesus immediately helps people in need of help and does not delay His aid.

We should follow His example.

Those who show love and kindness to their neighbor and help without delay are followers of Jesus. He encouraged all present to have faith in God and strengthen one another.

After the message, Priest Jolly Benny Success distributed some foods items provided by the New Apostolic church to the flood victims.  30 bags of rice and 60 cartons of noodles.  54 families received an extra support of treated mosquito net.

The joy was full as all the beneficiaries were grateful to God and the New Apostolic Church for the immediate Help received.