View of Lagos Island in the night during Christmas period
19 December 2023

The first Christmas in Nigeria was in December 25, 1842. Rev Freeman and Henry Townsend celebrated the first Christmas in Nigeria under the agia tree in Asisoe Tin, Badagry Lagos. 

Christmas celebration began in Nigeria as a gathering under a tree in Badagry Lagos but as at today, it has gone beyond such to a large and glamorous celebration with fanfare. 

Besides being the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas in Nigeria serve as a means of bringing families and loved ones together to share joyous and memorable moments. 

It is in this view that, Apostle O. K. Nwanza after celebrating with the Majidun congregation on the 10th of December, he decided to celebrate with the Sunday school children in Lagos central congregation which is in the heart of Lagos. 

During Christmas, people from all over Lagos State flock to Lagos Island because of its beaches, funfair and Christmas carnivals, which are strongly supported by the Lagos State Government.

During his time out with the children, the Apostle took the children to a restaurant for a Christmas doughnut and drinks.  It was a very beautiful experience for the little ones... 

Merry Christmas to all our readers!