View of the Ikot Abia Edem central church during the divine service
20 December 2023

Christmas celebration is another opportunity to experience God's love towards His children.

New Apostolic church South East working area cared for by Apostle Samuel Usoro had a 3 day church convention with the theme: Gathering of the elects.

Friday and Saturday were occupied with so many activities such as: choir competition, drama, Bible Quiz, praise and worship, evangelism and most especially, the Christmas carol with nine lessons.

On Sunday December 17, 2023 Apostle Usoro conducted a festive divine service to round up the event which coincided with the third Sunday of advent…
After reading a text word from John 1:6-7 "There was a Man sent from God, whose name was John. This Man came for a witness, to bear witness of the light, that all through him might believe.”

The Apostle said: John the Baptist had been given a mission by God, which he fulfilled. He called for repentance and proclaim the judgement of God. We are told by John that God is a judge and that Jesus delivers us from sin.
The Apostle was assisted by Shepherd Peter Akpan Okodi, Priest Peter Solomon Afang and Priest Michael Akpan Okodi. The three priestly ministers were also retired during this divines service.

In this Festive divine service, one soul received the gift of the Holy Spirit while 8 brothers were Ordained into the deacon ministry. 

It was indeed a blessed gathering of the elects.  In the mood of Christmas, the smile in the faces of the brethren could testify of the great joy in their hearts.