Benin North children at Ogba zoo
23 December 2023

The South Area media team met with Daniella, Ufuoma, Harmony, Iyenoma and Sister Lydia. Here is the interview:

*Media Team: *
Daniella, what did you intend to do before our 2023 Christmas?

*Daniella: *
I will pray for the fatherless, motherless, homeless and the helpless ones. I will urge my mother to take to Ogba Zoo where I learnt there will be an orphanage home visit to present them with some gifts. I will sing a special song for them also.

*Media Team: *
Harmony, what special thing will you do before Christmas 2023?

*Harmony: *
My Sunday School Service August 2023, made provision for all the children in NIFOR Congregation and Benin North District to pay a visit to the Ogba Zoo in Benin City for a site seeing. This we did and it was full of fun and special events. We mingled with other children who came from all works of life.

Media Team:
Iyenoma, we learnt there was a Children Convention organized by Benin South District before Christmas! What role did you play?

I played the role of a Choirmaster and Music Director. It was an occasion for the children in Benin South to showcase the gifts and talents God deposited in us. There was Bible Quiz, Recitations, Cultural Display, Drama, Swording, Sports, Songs and talent shows.

Media Team:
Ufuoma, we learnt you were among the Choristers who participated in this year Benin North District Nine Lessons and Carols! What is your impression about it?

Yes, I was one of the treble voices that sang during the carol! It was a great experience and fulfillments in my life as this was my first time to participate! It really increased my knowledge about God and Jesus Christ. It was really a blessed and joyful fellowship with brethren.

Media Team:
Sister Lydia, you were at the centre of the 2023 Benin South Children’s Convention, what have you to say about it?

Sister Lydia:
Truly it was a great success and impactful as God graciously and mightily used the children to His glory and praise and the growth of the Congregational District.

Merry Christmas, from all of us in the south area media.