District Evangelist Edomwonyi engaging a youth in a chess game at the convention
27 January 2024

The members and Ministers in South Apostle Area gather together from Thursday 14th to Sunday 17th December 2023.

In attendance were Lead Apostle, the host, Apostle Odili, children, youth, women, men, and ministers. The theme for the 2023 general convention was 

"Serving the future today"

Various programs of events were lined up for all members during the convention. Praise and worship, choir singing, games… The Apostle's doctrine and seminars were deeply taught to strengthen the knowledge of the New Apostolic Church among the members.

Among many doctrinal teaching:
Designing the sustainability of the future Church today: The key role of children, youth, women, men and ministers.  Breaking the Boundary: A Church where everyone Feel at home.  How to pray effectively as well as interaction with the Lead Apostle and the Area apostle who were around to the joy of all the participants.

During the Convention on Friday 15th morning, Lead Apostle Nwogu Geoffrey and Apostle Odili Goddey led a team composed of some ministers, Choirs, brothers and sisters to Sapele District for a visit to an orphanage home.

The climax of the general convention was the Divine Service at the Balm of Gilead Camp Hall, conducted by Lead Apostle Nwogu Geoffrey.  - Bible text: 2 Pet 3:14           

Message: We seek God’s Grace!
We believe in eternal life, walk towards eternal life which is in Christ Jesus. We must be spotless and we must be blameless.

We cannot enter the kingdom of God without grace. When we realize that we can do nothing without Grace, God helps us. We receive grace when we fight against things that displeases God. 

Intentional disobedience is an abuse before God and anybody who intentionally dwells in sin promotes the work of the devil. We want to be blameless in our faith and trust in God. Remember God doesn't tempt anyone but He may permit just as in the case of Job. We have to be blameless in our love for God. Love Him in all situations without asking Him what will be the gain. 

Let us strive to enter into the kingdom, Luke warmness is not expected of us in the body of Christ (serving when it is convenient).  

Let us walk with Him. God expects us to grow, He expects our love for Him to grow. We must repay evil with good.

Lead Apostle admonished that everyone should be blameless in faith and trust, our love for God and neighbor. (Lead Apostle Calls on South Working Area Apostle and Benin South District Rector for Assistance) 

In the divine service two brothers from Warri District received Ordination of Deacon ministry. Also a Priest and Sister received blessing of marriage in the divine service. A total of five hundred and ninety-two (592) members were in attendance. 

Immediately after the festive Divine Service, there was a celebration of the 2023 Nine Lessons and Carol.
Although it was difficult to part, the assurance of another conference in 2024, which would coincide with the 50th anniversary of the New Apostolic Church in Nigeria, was a great relief.

“God be with you till we meet again” was the best song to hear at that moment